2D 3D Mapping Services

The Benefits of Drones with 2D and 3D Mapping Services

Drones have been known for their lower cost ability to take close and aerial photography on sets, for real estate, agriculture or farming insights and more. Technology is always expanding and did so for drones when 2D and 3D mapping came to light.  2D and 3D mapping services are finding their way into a broad variety of applications.

Advantages of multi-dimensional aerial photography with drones

The advantages of using real 3D information in which a realistic view is created of a certain region on earth are numerous going further than the simple notion of cost effectiveness.  Next to the realistic 2D or 3D mapping experience in visualizations, the use in algorithms, such as signal propagation algorithms, or in perception studies create a large advantage for local authorities, telecom- and consultancy companies.

How 2D or 3D maps are created

When creating a 2D or 3D map using drone aerial technology, the main focus is where the drone camera is pointed and whether you are needing a map or creating models of statues and the like. This process requires many photos to be taken by the drones from a specific flight path, or waypoint, that are essentially overlapped to create the needed end result.

2D and 3D at Drones of Prey

At Drones Of Prey we use highly specialized software to create our 2D and 3D maps named Pix4d. These new techniques for 2D and 3D mapping services, as well as photogrammetry,  are beneficial to many industries such as kaolin mines, rock quarries, engineering firms, forestry management, pollution modelling, archaeology, cellular network planning and much, much more.


Let us show you a more efficient, cost effective and accurate way to gain the vital data you need on your site with our drone aerial 2D or 3D mapping services. Contact us today at (478) 420-0041 or submit a request for a quote.