Benefits of Drones in Marketing & Commercials

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the incredible power and prestige that comes from drones. But, when you’re looking at it from the point of view of marketing and commercials, what could that mean for you? There are all sorts of benefits to consider specifically within that target area, and they all could be available to you with the right plan.


Marketing and commercials: the benefits of drones


Technological and innovation benefits

One of the most underrated benefits of relying on drones for marketing is that they are on the edge of some of the newest technologies. In everything from extremely high-end lenses to the combination of virtual reality with real footage and more. By going with a cutting-edge drone instead of a traditional camera, you’re putting yourself on the top shelf as far as sheer quality of the commercial.

More control over the commercial shooting

Whether it’s 1,000 takes, unique angles, or some combination of these things, using a drone to shoot the commercial itself is just plain easier. Aerial shots using traditional methods take a long time to set and reset. Drones are ready in minutes, at the most, to do another take. If you have a unique angle you want to try out, a drone is a great way to see how it looks in real time.


They’re intended for heavy-duty use

The other thing to think about — the very same thing that turned off a few early adopters — is that these new and improved drones are intended for heavy use and unique shooting. While their equipment is certainly sensitive and high end, the modern designed drones are carefully designed and protected so that you don’t have 10 days downtime after the drone accidentally clips a leaf. Professional drones (the keyword being “professional”, here) will not have the same inferior production and repair needs as the old fashioned and self-made models.


How to make drone marketing work for you

The key to getting your own slice of the benefit pie is to rely on the right drone and, of course, drone pilot. You should always make sure that you do have an experienced and properly FAA licensed drone pilot (who has the FAA exemption) to give you the best footage possible without putting anyone at risk.


You should also take a look at relying on a pilot who has the right equipment for marketing and commercial use, and experience in the area. Drones of Prey has real TV experience in this area that we can use to make your commercial really pop.


Regardless of what interests you most, relying on drones and drone pilots can help you get more interest in your carefully targeted marketing plans, even if you don’t have anything firmed up yet. From durability to timeliness to the sheer “wow” factor by your potential audiences, drone-designed commercials could just be the thing that gets traffic flooding through your doors. Now all that’s left is to put it work!

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