FAA Drone Compliance – Section 333

Section 333 Exemption by FAA – Drones of Prey has been granted exemption to operate commercially

What does that mean for you?

No Hassles-As a FAA approved company you are assured that your project will go off without a hitch. Many people are finding out that law enforcement will halt operations if the company flying is not FAA approved.

Safety – We are professionals with a much higher standard of safety than amateur operations. As a FAA approved company, we keep meticulous records of all flights as well as of our regular maintenance schedule. Our aircrafts don’t go home and get put away until the next project. Attention is given to them before and after projects to address any issues before heading into the field.

Experience In Aviation – Our pilots are not only hardcore RC enthusiasts they are also licensed private pilots in full size aircraft. We know all airspace rules and communicate with authorities regularly.

Experience In The Field– As long time professional operators, we’ve already gone through the learning stages of being in the field. We have 5 FAA registered aircraft and come to our projects with redundancy in every piece of equipment. Our pilots and camera operators have honed the skill of working together as one unit. This provides smooth and unique camera moves that happen on the first take.

Further information is available on the FAA.gov website under the Section 333 program which indicates that, by law, an aircraft must be registered and certified by a licensed pilot. This Section 333, which is granted by the Secretary of Transportation of the Government are on a case by case basis based on the needs of the company and their compliance of safe and legal flying laws. Our authorization is noted under the authorizations granted or you can request a copy from us directly.

*Official documentation is available upon request.

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