Can Drones Help with Covid Compliance?


2020 Challenge

2020 has proven to be a challenging year for the United Stated and the entire world. I have heard  lot of talk about the airlines and restaurants but I don’t hear as much about film and television. Fact is, the film industry has been hit harder than almost any other. Production in Atlanta, GA has seen a 90 percent reduction. Some estimates show as much as a 95 percent decline nationwide.


What Now?

So here we are in August and it seems like the wheels are trying to begin turning. I’ve heard stories of productions attemtpting to emerge only to be shut down when a member tests positive for Covid. I have received numerous calls for jobs on the horizon only to find later they have been cancelled for one reason or another. That seems to be the “new normal”.


What to do

Are we to sit idly by as 2020 passes and we sit at home waiting for a vaccine? Or, do we move forward and take all precautions available to resume as best we can while being safe? How can we assure our crew that we can operate safely? These are the questions facing production comanies across the globe. Face masks and a deluge of hand sanitizer will go a long way to help assure that our crews are safe. Social distancing on set, while challenging, will be required for the forseeable future. Unfortunately, reducing crew size to a barebones configuration is also a part of the visible horizon.



The use of drones has proven widely effective throughout this pandemic. Most drone shots can be accomplished with minimal crew interaction. In fact, even some of the most basic drone systems can provide a wireless feed to the DP or Director with absolute zero crew contact making a drone the safest cameras on set. Drones have been used in nearly any type of shot imaginable in production today. In a sense, drones could be considered a part of your crew’s PPE. Let us know how we can Make your set safer

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