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About Drones Of Prey

Drones Of Prey is owned and operated by Jamie Hamlin, a skilled pilot with professional experience in remote-controlled cinematography and photography platforms. As a pioneer in the aerial cinematography industry, Hamlin modified custom single rotor electric helicopters to film before the introduction of multi-rotor uavs into the market.The FAA requires that you are an FAA-approved company in order to obtain a Section 333 Exemption which meansthat you are following all of the necessary precautions with drone flight.Regardless of the type of aerial photography or videography you need, we can assist with your aerial drone video needs. We take it one step further and can develop the video with our vast array of pre and post-production services. Additionally, as a total production company, we can turn our drone production into integrated marketing materials using broadcasting design work, voice-overs, music listening, logo animation and more.

drone consulting services - get FAA 333 exemption

Jamie Hamlin

Jamie Hamlin is an accomplished UAV pilot with 12 years of remote-controlled aircraft experience and 8 years of on set experience flying for major brands and networks. His background as a 16-year veteran Firefighter/Paramedic is a huge asset to the team when formulating safety strategies for shoots.

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