Preparing Your Business Marketing for 2019 with Drones

drones for money

Now that 2018 is almost to a close, it means that now is the time for business owners and companies to start thinking about 2019 and the potential challenges and accomplishments it may bring.  In order to do this effectively, taking a look back at 2018 and its pros and cons is a must.  After …

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More Top Drone Questions Asked & Answered

Safety checks prior to liftoff

Since a drone is an incredible piece of technology and is quickly changing the world around us in terms of all it can do, you’d think that everyone and their dog would be out with one.  Which, it seems, is precisely the problem.  With so many people out there becoming “experienced” pilots, more and more …

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Top Drone Questions Asked & Answered

Safety in drones

With the popularity of drones and the constantly increasing amount of pilots looking to enjoy them for both personal and commercial purposes, a lot of questions have popped up that should be acknowledged.  To help you make sure safety and legality stay at the forefront of your drone experience, here are some of the top …

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Things to Consider When Traveling With Your Drone

Drone travel stories

When planning a trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, a necessary evil to consider is what you bring when dealing with airport security.  It seems as though the “approved” and “not approved” lists are constantly changing so that it would be understandable if you sit there in exasperation thinking “I don’t know what’s allow …

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Drone Pilots – Be Sure You Are in the Know

Drone rules are always changing

Drones are more powerful than ever, and it’s not a surprise that you’re looking to get in on the action in terms of making use of the functionality they can provide.  That being said, you should also understand that there are a lot of restrictions and rules to remember when you’re looking at flying your …

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Tips For Taking Awesome Aerial Drone Photos

Oregon Coastline

When you’re looking to get that perfect shot from your aerial drone, there’s more to it than just a good spot and the right tools.  You need to have a unique point of view on how you are looking to capture the particular shot so that you know that you are going to get memorable …

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Drone Maintenance Tips

Drone maintenance tips and checks before going on set

Let’s face it, it takes a ton of planning and prep work to perform a shoot successfully. Whether you are shooting production, 3d mapping, photogrammetry, volumetrics, real estate, or whatever else, if your gear is not properly maintained, you are eventually going to have a problem that could have easily been prevented. Aerial photography is …

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The Small Book on Lithium Batteries

Drone Lithium battery charging station - prepping for next day shoot

A Risk of Drone Aerial Photography Whether you are running a business or flying for hobby, drone aerial video and photography comes with inherent risks and rewards. While the rewards are plenty, the risks can often be overlooked. If you fly drones you must be readily aware of the risks associated with Lithium Polymer batteries. There …

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Tips to Take Your Drone Aerial Filming International

tips for international drone aerial filming

Perks of a Professional Drone Aerial Team   One of the best perks of being a professional aerial team is the travel. It is not uncommon to be in the garage on Saturday tuning up your gear or looking over some footage and the next thing you know you get a phone call that puts …

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How Camera Moves Can Make or Break your Footage

beach videography shoot done via drone - captures more than what a camera can

The art of gimbal operations If you are looking for a more cinematic shot, using the locked off camera and looking straight out of the nose rarely is not typically the look you will want. A locked off camera in any orientation should only be used a small percentage of the time. Unfortunately, it’s used …

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