Tips For Taking Awesome Aerial Drone Photos

When you’re looking to get that perfect shot from your aerial drone, there’s more to it than just a good spot and the right tools.  You need to have a unique point of view on how you are looking to capture the particular shot so that you know that you are going to get memorable and interesting shots when the time comes to show them to friends, customers, and fellow drone enthusiasts.  Take a look at some of the top tips to help you get those “wow” worthy photos.


Always have proper lighting


Lighting is key, as any photographer knows, so just because you are in mid air and snapping photos doesn’t give you any excuse to ignore this rule.  Natural light works great for outdoor shots, so always try to get your photography done with the light in place.  If you are doing internal aerial photography (guaranteed to give you some great interesting shots), put your proper light poles or flashlights in the right spots to give you the rich look that you’re hoping to capture.  Try to work with natural light as much as possible, too.


Learn how to edit photos


Editing your photos (minimally or majorly) means choosing the proper software to get the right dramatic final products that you get.  It’s exciting to want to send off the raw image to a friend or post it online, but remember that you should always try to give the best impression of your beautiful shots, which means that you should edit them before posting them anywhere.  Professional is key, after all, right?  There are all sorts of great software for editing and you can choose the right one for you, even if  it changes each time.


Take multiple pictures


Capturing that interesting angle and creating a really neat photo means that you should take a series of shots of the same view.  Whether it’s a shift in the drone or a simple change in lighting as you’re taking them, sometimes one of those similar shots will have something incredible and unique about it so that you’ll be glad you took it.  Similar to other kinds of photography, the candid or secondary shots can be better than the one your originally shot for getting.


Stay away from obstacles


If you’ve got a drone that holds your camera tightly underneath, you’ll want to try to keep it away from the bushes and other obstacles (like ceiling fans) so that the shots you get are accurate as well as the reminder that your camera is swinging around in midair, so you want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.  Unique shots are great, but not if it means that your poor camera is going to suffer from it.


Use the proper shutter speed


To get a unique take on a shot, the shutter speed is one of the most critical tools to play with.  Consider giving different speeds a try to get the awesome shot that you’re going for.


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