Preparing Your Business Marketing for 2019 with Drones

Now that 2018 is almost to a close, it means that now is the time for business owners and companies to start thinking about 2019 and the potential challenges and accomplishments it may bring.  In order to do this effectively, taking a look back at 2018 and its pros and cons is a must.  After all, hindsight is 20/20.  To help you out in your business marketing, here are some launching points to start 2019 out the right way.


Keep in mind, we aren’t business coaches but as business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to set goals, measure, track and then of course we can surely help with the marketing material, videos, images as well as saving money on those goals, so read on.


Take a look at 2018 in detail

From a marketing perspective, it’s important to review 2018 as a whole and see what marketing strategies were successful and what wasn’t.  This will help you to determine which practices for the business to continue and which to toss aside.  Only the most successful marketing tactics should make the cut for 2019.  Keep in mind that this annual review is a great tool because as trends change, so must our marketing strategies.  I’m sure you can agree that what worked in 2000, won’t work in 2010 and then also in 2019, so always see what’s out there, consider what you’ve done and how you can improve your bottom line.


Make a plan for 2019

It’s helpful to know what your goals are for 2019 and be sure to look at the big picture as a whole.  This should be a big and encompassing marketing result.  From there, you can figure out what steps you need to take in order to get to this end-goal, which results in you having a plan for your marketing goals.


Involved in this marketing plan for 2019 should be the various marketing options per channel that you have.  Do you have plans for digital advertising as well as print advertising?  Have you thought about how you’re going to integrate your business into the world of social media?  What about public relations?  Take note of what your resources are as well as your time management.  This should all factor in.


Use the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) to help your marketing plan be successful and, most importantly, possible to achieve.  It also helps you nail down what your goals are for 2019.  As you know, it isn’t just a matter of saying you want to make more money, specifically how much over the year, then look at the monthly goals and then look at how you will get to those monthly goals.


What it comes down to is that the best marketing plan for 2019 is one that is complete and carefully planned out so that it can be executed successfully.


How Drones of Prey Can Help

To help you out with your marketing advertising plan in its various forms, our drone services can be of use.  We are able to offer photos and videos that can be used on social media, a company website to even print advertisements.  Since we operate using drones, we’re able to get breathtaking shots and footage that can’t easily be accessed by man-operated cameras or even helicopters.


Consider movie trailers, commercials for your products or services, videos for YouTube or other social media, print material to hand out or leave behind with prospects and the like.  But remember, it isn’t just about marketing material but if you have a business with agriculture or livestock that spreads over some acres, you’ll need to survey that land and those animals to check on them and be sure they are grazing on your land appropriately and not in threat or that your land is properly irrigated, receiving rain and proper drainage or heck, what about that golf course you own, to be sure everything works well, those sand dunes aren’t turning into a pond.  Walking around large acres of land is cumbersome and wastes too much of your time… a drone is a great tool to look at a lot of land in a short period of time.


We are able to help you with your SMART marketing plan due to the fact that we hit all aspects within the acronym with our quality footage.  We are also able to help with various marketing channels mentioned above such as social media, digital and print advertising as well as property surveying so that you can see your plan starting to come into fruition.


We want to help you make 2019 your year for your business to succeed and be the most prosperous yet and with that you need a  marketing plan that will succeed.  With our drones, we can help you make those seemingly hard parts a whole lot easier.  Factor Drones of Prey into your 2019 marketing plan, and allow us to help you make 2019 the best year yet.

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