Drones On Emergency Scenes

We at Drones Of Prey have special interest on emergency services/personnel and where drones can help. As the owner I’ve vested 18 years full-time as a firefighter and 16 years full-time service as a paramedic. During this time I started flying remote control helicopters and filming…..dreaming of what drones can bring to the emergency situations we were running into in the field. Obviously imagery is the first thing that comes to mind but what about utilitarian types of drones? We have had several river rescues where just getting a rope to the victim quickly would have provided a faster sense of security.


There is a lot to be worked out with this technology but we are fortunate that the FAA has granted us, Drones of Prey, the Section 333 Exemption to start the learning process. For example, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are needed, just as with any emergency scene. Clear instructions for everyone involved and clear methods of accomplishing the specific task at hand. Things like how to decontaminate a “dirty drone” or one that’s been into the hot zone of a incident still need to be worked out. Also, questions such as which drone do you use for which situations or do you need long flight times or heavy lifting capabilities? My personal opinion is that a Vertical Take-Off (VTOL) vehicle would be the perfect search and rescue drone.


Fact is that drones on emergency scenes are coming. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it eventually mandated on certain scenes. I am excited to see how this improves life safety of the citizens we serve as well as responders themselves. Please contact us for help in gaining your FAA credentials or to obtain some help or drone pilot training.

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  1. ‘This especially applies to emergencies such as heart failure, drownings, traumas and respiratory problems, and it has become possible because life-saving technologies, such as a defibrillator, can now be designed small enough to be transported by a drone.’


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