Drones in the Media World

Cameras are a dime a dozen, and they all accomplish the same task of making something or someone look good from the right angle.  Right?  Wrong.  Cameras are as diverse as the people who operate them, and one of the biggest ways that cameras are adapting in our modern world is through the use of drones in media settings.  Used regularly in both marketing and television, drones do a lot to give you the “wow” effect, exemplified in showing you an incredible angle or view that would be considered impossible to get with another kind of camera build.  It’s all in the design, after all.


Here are some perks to look at in using drones for all of your shooting needs:

  • *It’s cost-effective: When you are looking at the finances of the thing, hiring a professional drone pilot with state of the art equipment to shoot the scenes that you had in mind is still going to be loads cheaper than going with your traditional fancy set up involving a helicopter or other methods (see below).  It’ll save your money, deliver quality results, and it won’t be a compromise, it’ll be an upgrade.
  • *It’s simpler than cranes and cables: Traditional methods of shooting scenery – a popular type of shooting now done by drones – is going to be as simple as getting it into place and shooting the scene.  There is going to be no need to get into the idea of multiple hour set up and pay that is involved in cranes or cable cameras among the other popular options.
  • *It’s just as impressive in terms of quality: A common myth with commercial drones and media drones is that you won’t be getting impressive quality like you would with the old fashion helicopter methods of scenery shots, but drones today are actually going to be able to produce as impressive a series of shots as traditional scenery cameras on cables, and actually more impressive shots in a lot of cases, too, as they use the newest technologies to create the cameras. This is where Drones of Prey comes in. We excel at coming up with that shot that the other guys didn’t think of or ways to create a wow factor for your production or needs.
  • *It can bring in a more creative angle: A drone can get closer to an actor or a speaker, so unique angles at no harm to the subject of the shot are not easier than ever to shoot.  This is a huge perk for getting that creative angle and shot that is going to make or break a scene.  This offers a unique and fun twist on the idea of getting that million dollar shot that will be remembered after the fact.


Drones are up and coming still, but they are already making the impressive kind of reputation that tells us that they are going to be here for the long run to offer their fun shooting options and unique angles that are ideal for marketing and media situations.  There’s a lot to be said for the potential of a camera that can fly, after all, which is the basic design we’re talking about, here. Contact Drones of Prey to get your best shot.

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