The Benefits Of Using Drones

Drones are at the center of human interest right now with their ability to be applied to all sorts of professional needs and situations. They’re already being used in fields of news media, real estate, and sports. The thing is, while drone technology is still slightly new and has been rapidly expanding, the reach will continue to grow.  And 5 years from now, who knows what will be in store for drone pilots and the capabilities of further technology. But for now, take a look at all of the various commercial benefits that drones are already bringing us.


Video and Photography

The most popular commercial use of drones are through video and photo tasks. They are employed by drone pilots to take photos and videos via aerial shots of scenes to make them more special. Sporting events, concerts, weddings and more are now getting stunning 360 degree shots from a bird’s eye view.


Security, Monitoring, and Emergency

You can also find drones equipped with infrared and sensitive weather instrumentation that can be used to observe a variety of areas. They can be used to watch over streets, fire-prone regions or use infrared tech to fish out human beings from disasters like collapsing buildings or fires. Drones can also be used to speedily drop off medical supplies to disaster areas to staff on the ground.



The farming industry has the potential to make a huge profit off of drone technology as well as improving inefficiencies. Drones armed with sensor capturing data and software can help farmers with a lot of manpower requiring activities. They can be effectively used for spraying pesticides, identifying failing crops, mapping out irrigation systems, monitoring animals and gathering useful information about the health of livestock or plant life.



For regions where road access is restricted, drones can serve a huge purpose of dropping off food and other items necessary for survival. The mega delivery company DHL has begun to use drones to drop off packages and have tested it in various rough conditions. There are also plans being put in place by online shopping giant Amazon to have drones deliver goods with little weight directly to our doorsteps.


Construction and Engineering

Drones can be used to inspect existing infrastructure, power plants, power lines, solar farms, oil rigs, bridges, transmission cables, pipelines, etc. Drones can also serve as a replacement for infrastructure as some companies are looking into using drones to beam internet over regions that have none and as small replacement cell towers to be deployed at disaster scenes. Additional uses are to video future views while construction is underway mapping the completed project to use for marketing material and sell the lot or property before it is complete which sample views.


Crowd control

Usually employed by police officers or any law enforcement agency, drones can be equipped with nonlethal weapons like tear gas or sound cannons to break up huge rowdy crowds and riots without causing any significant harm or injury to any of the parties involved.


Drone technology will continue to be a huge part of our future. As long as drone pilots follow the flying rules of the FAA, do so safely, then this technology will continue to be extremely useful and efficient in varying industries. Contact Drones of Prey with any questions about the above or to get a quote on your specific drone needs.

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