The Best Pictures are Taken by Drones

For a jaw-dropping final product, you should be using jaw-dropping equipment to get there.   The way to get there is with using a drone.  Drones offer safer use, practical benefits, and the final option that you crave for your photography needs.  Drones are quickly taking the world by storm for personal use, but also for professional use due to their superior quality to even the most professional, conventional cameras (or helicopter).


The drone picture basics

When looking at capturing breathtaking photos from drones, there are some practical things to look at before you can capture those quality images.  With drones come the fact that the camera is unmanned and flying.  Therefore, proper training in learning how to fly it safely is crucial.  Drones are governed by rules and regulations, as well, so education and adherence to these is important to getting the most out of drone use.


What makes drone pictures so good?

With this in mind, the first photo that you take using a drone is going to show you just how this medium is so much better than a traditional helicopter shot that has been used throughout history and in motion picture media.  There are perks to the final photo, of course, but also to the world around it.


Drones features cameras on board that can be top of the line in quality, meaning quality won’t be sacrificed by using one.  A drone is also going to be minimally disruptive when it’s in use, perfect for grabbing photos in areas where noise is an issue, or space is of concern.  Just think about the roar of a chopper in comparison to the minor buzz of a drone and the difference is immediate.  Consider the size of a drone versus that of a helicopter and the wing span requirements, let alone the requirements of safety for a helicopter in air space.


Drones are also able to capture photos in environments that would be risky or downright dangerous for humans, or incapable with a helicopter, including volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, over fires, and even sports arenas.  Another benefit is that drones can capture photos over beaches or oceans for those spectacular views, but will not disrupt the water, or anything for that matter, in the process.


The other major pro for drone photography is that you can take the drone with you as you travel to the dream location to get those breathtaking shots.  You can simply put it in a protective case and then take it out when you get there.  You can’t exactly put a helicopter in your backpack, now can you?  It makes professional photography convenient with absolutely no difference in quality.  In fact, the quality will go up due to the ability to stabilize during photo sessions.


While traditional photography experts may still need to be won over, it’s hard to argue that a drone and its final product are pretty spectacular.  It promotes convenience, safety, professional quality, and affordability.  This all combines into a neat little package that helps you get that best picture for your needs much easier than you would have thought possible using something so compact.


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  1. “The other major pro for drone photography is that you can take the drone with you as you travel to the dream location to get those breathtaking shots. ” This point is becoming ever more prevalent as drones are getting even more portable. When I bought my Mavic Pro I thought, “Man, this is really small!” Then, a couple(?) years later – the Mavic Air releases and it’s even smaller and takes even better photos and videos.

    -Jordan, Detroit Drone Pros


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