Be Sure You Are Hiring a Legitimate and Legal Drone Pilot

Knowing and trusting that you’ve got the right professional for the job that needs doing can be a massive weight off your mind, and now that drones are even more popular (but also by hobbyists), there are even more options out there. This also means that they aren’t always the best option or best value for money, or your business.

Drones can be fun and are certainly an exciting “tech toy”, but they are also a really sophisticated piece of technology that require specific training and preparation to get the quality that you’re looking for, in addition to law abiding.  To make sure that you can have the information needed to hire the right professional, here are some aspects you can look for when hiring someone:


Hiring a Drone Pilot



Professionals in the drone market are going to have more experience and training that is crucial to doing a job correctly.  So, to get the best value for your budget, you are going to want to think about finding a professional who has listed experience commercially.  It may be best to avoid those drone pilots who have never worked commercially, or are new to the drone world.


FAA Exemption/Licensing

Commercial licensing is critical to making sure that everything stays above board, so for commercial jobs, you can consider looking for only those drone pilots that have FAA exemptions and licensing that is important for staying legal.  Professional drone pilots will be able to give all of the information to you readily, so you can always ask for it and the true professionals will be more than happy to show you their credentials.



The internet is home to lots of researching material, so one way to see if someone is a legitimate drone pilot is to check out their reputation online.  You can check for professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, or you can simply consider looking for a professional website (like this one).  You can often spot a fraud from a professional in this manner, and you can save yourself a lot of frustration for doing this step each time you find a new name out there.



Personal or professional recommendations will often help, too, and you can ask around to see if there are certain names that come up for positive and professional experiences, or negative unprofessional ones.  Many are good at talking about bad experiences, so you can consider using this as information against why a certain drone pilot should be avoided, that can narrow your search to the best options.


There is a significant difference between a professional and an unprofessional drone pilot (hobbyist), and you want to make sure that you’re getting your value for money, so these tips can really help each person make their way to the right decision.  Sometimes it can be a matter of trial and error, but hopefully these tips will lead you down the best possible path for making sure that the best professional in the job for all of your drone pilot needs.


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