Drones for Real Estate Marketing

The world of selling homes and properties tends to be ever-changing and adapting as customers change their opinions and thoughts on certain details.  Shag carpeting, floral wallpaper and avocado-green fixtures, just to name a few examples (ha).  One thing that never goes out of style, however, is the necessity of quality photos of a home or property when trying to sell.  It can make or break a sale, so getting it right can be critical. Remember what you thought when you were shopping for a home and saw those hideous pictures of the house, you passed on it, right? So, what do you do and how can drones help?


Drones show quality images of your home

Getting that “wow” shot of your home is fantastic, but it often doesn’t happen with traditional photographers since, you know, they can’t fly.  Since they can’t get the sweeping wide angle, the shots are professional and beautiful, but are missing the breathtaking angle.  A drone can capture it easily and safely for that luxurious view.  Imagine, standing in the farthest corner of a room and thinking, if only I could be up in that corner or stand 2 feet away but see through the wall.. well, you can’t see through the wall, but a drone can get into that tight corner, that you might struggles with getting (or fall off a ladder).


Drones can display commercial real estate easily & easier

If you’re marketing commercial real estate where the property and/or out-buildings make a difference, a drone can capture a wide angle shot from up in the air to show the layout, as well as lower where the relation between the buildings is clear, too. Not only that, but this can be done while it is under construction and people are around and working – whereas a helicopter, something like this is rarely possible.


Saves time in photo shoots

Drones capture photos quickly, easily, and professionally in half the time (if not less) than traditional photographers on foot or in vehicle. Clearly we aren’t talking about how quickly someone can snap a picture but if you have a lot of ground to cover, need to be in tight spaces, high and low areas, need big overviews as well as close ups… a drone is the answer for expediency and quality.  Time saved is money and effort saved, which is always a good thing.


Be sure you hire a professional

Not just anyone can get out there with a drone and take photos.  Okay, so they can, but the shots won’t be as good and likely will take longer.  It takes skill and experience in order to get the right shot for real estate purposes. A professional with proper training, experience and confidence will be able to get shots even in those tricky spots or layouts. Further, depending upon where you are flying, there may need to be some FAA considerations. Drones of Prey does have all of the FAA safety precautions and has their Section 333 exemption.


Why you need drone services for real estate

Times are shifting, but the use of drones in real estate is something that you may want to consider for your needs.  Not only does it help you stay with the times and help you keep up with modern customers and professionals.  It also offers better results when you hire the right professional to come in and get that worthwhile shot that could actually be responsible for selling your house. Who wouldn’t love that?


Drones have a lot of advantages when used correctly, and real estate photos is certainly going to be a great match for their capabilities. Contact Drones of Prey at (478) 420-0041 to get your questions answered or feel free to get your free quote here.

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