How Drones Can Help Your Golf Course Sales

Drones are powerful and cost-efficient to many industries, including on the golf course.  While it may not be the first predicted use of a drone, these modern machines are great for those who are looking at bumping up their golf course sales and improving your golf course maintenance efficiencies.  It also tends to help you your golf course sales in ways that you may not have expected.


Detailed course data for players

Since hard core golfers want to be able to see the course in detail before they play, a drone that can accurately capture the video and photo data — as well as offer 3D mapping — can make a large difference in persuading players to come. Not only does it give them a preview to your beautiful course and the challenging holes that you’ve got available, it also will show those serious players that you want them to see just what you can offer them in professionalism.


A golf course that takes the time to focus on showing detail of their course is one that is going to offer up professional results all around.  This can go a long way to getting customers that are specifically hunting for a more challenging and professional golf course.


Great imagery for marketing

Another perk to relying on a drone for aerial shots and videos is that you can use it for marketing.  Both online and offline in print brochures, you can get accurate, detailed and color-rich shots of your golf course from angles that simply wouldn’t be able to get from a traditional helicopter or other aerial view.  You’ll be able to use these stunning shots to bring your advertising to a whole new level — literally!


Easy oversight for maintenance/expansion needs

Additionally, you need great angles and 3D mapping in order to help you keep an eye on maintenance that needs to be done.  You’ll be able to see where potential future problem areas may arise, to better use the time and effort of your maintenance staff.  You’ll also find that this is great for taking a look at expansion or addition to your golf course.  From designing to the seeding, you’ll be able to survey it from afar and make sure it’s shaping up to your satisfaction, no matter the angle.


Hire a professional drone pilot

When you are looking to see just how a drone can help you out with your sales, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional that has a license with FAA to fly a drone.  This will help you know that you’ll get the right results for your golf course’s bottom line and future success, and done so in a legal and safe manner.


Drones and your golf course may just very well be the most profitable relationship that you could consider, both short- and long-term.  All that’s left is to put it into action and you’ll be able to see it for yourself.  New earnings are waiting for you in the future with the use of modern technology.  You just need to take to the skies to get them. Contact Drones of Prey or get your free quote on your aerial imagery and golf course needs or anything that relates to videos or photos taken by drones.


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