Flying Drones During the Summer Safely

Summer is the ultimate season to get out and enjoy the fresh air and warmth with your loved ones; or your new favorite piece of technology, your drone.  If you’re looking to take the outdoor world by storm from the air, it’s important that you also make sure that you are up to date on safety and flight regulations to make sure that every flight your drone takes is a safe and successful one.


Heat = Hard-working drones

The heat is a killer for us, but also don’t forget about your lithium batteries.  It’s also tough for the already hard-working drone in the sky.  When you’re looking to take a flight, you should try to avoid doing it on the really hot days in order to make sure that you protect your batteries and motor, both.  If you do decide to take flight, try to take it easy.  Don’t go right to the end of the life of your batteries and keep an eye out for any overheating warnings.  This also goes for your phone or tablet or anything else that you are using to remotely control your drone.


People are out there too

The summer brings everyone outside, so you’ll have to be extra careful when putting your drone up in the air.  Avoid people, kites and baseballs (among other flying projectiles) by flying in a secluded area as much as possible.  Even though your drone may be more expensive than a baseball, you still need to share the space and make sure that you don’t hit anything or anyone around.  Again, keep in mind the rules and laws for flight in your state.


Explore filters

A lot of summer shots tend to be overexposed from the sheer amount of sunlight that is shining down on your lens.  You’ll want to become familiar with how to use filters such as ND filters (they keep the light that accesses your camera’s sensor low) and PL filters (these can help reduce glare off of reflective surfaces when filming).  This will help keep your shots and recordings impressive even on the really bright days.


Overwhelmed?  Help is here

If you feel like that’s a lot of things to remember and you’re not sure how you are going to keep it all together to get those quality shots that you need for your business, why not consider hiring a drone pilot?  We’ll have all of those summer concerns taken care-of before we arrive so that you won’t need to be watching heat levels or wayward frisbees.  Not only do we have the experience to help get great shots in the summer, we also are FAA-compliant so that your project can go off without a hitch, even when it comes to law enforcement or other common complications.


Summer flying can be tricky, but it can also provide some great shots and recordings that make it worthwhile.  Whether you want to take your drone out yourself, or leave it to the professionals who have done it all before, this summer will be your best one yet to get that project underway and enjoy the rays while you’re at it. Contact Drones of Prey for your aerial photography, cinematography, motion picture commercials, marketing material and more.

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