3 Benefits of 2D & 3D Mapping with Drones

In the private and public sector, 2D and 3D mapping is gaining even more popularity simply in the fact that it can quite literally offer you a full view of the land or the property that you are using for your personal or commercial purposes.  While dimensional mapping has been around for quite some time (think GPS), it is now something that is becoming industry standard in all sorts of industries.  Here’s what you should know about 2D and 3D mapping.


What is 2D & 3D mapping?

As you may already know, 2D and 3D mapping uses many multiple photos from different angles and heights to create a multidimensional photo as a finished product.  While has been seen in use for agriculture as well as real estate, it continues to find its use in fields such as astronomy, anatomy, construction, and even archaeology among others. Creating this kind of specialized photography can be time-consuming, but having a 2D or 3D view of something just can’t be beat when you need to be able to see it from all angles with no compromises.


Benefits of 2D and 3D mapping

There are quite a lot of benefits to using both 2D and 3D mapping in business.  Take a look at some of the highlights below!


Get realistic views

Take the example of an anatomy class.  If you are learning the locations of all of the blood vessels and organs, having a 3D map of the body that can be moved around is an especially useful way to help you get a realistic view of what you’re learning.


Helps you imagine a space better

When used in astronomy, you can get access to 3D stars, planets and even galaxies that will give you a sense of the space that you have available as well as how Earth relates to it. This could be super helpful with regard to planning out a field for crops or construction and planning out property development.


Helps understand where things come from

Within the example of archaeology, creating old cities or forgotten works of architecture is simple and realistic to the way they would have been.  This gives you access to the root of history without, you know, travelling back in time.


How drones can help

So, now that you know just how impressive 2D and 3D mapping can be, how do you achieve it?  It all comes down to the technology that you use.  Since it requires many photos taken from specific angles and heights, a drone can offer you the best opportunity to get that final product that is going to be worthwhile.  The use of drones is safe, fast, non-invasive, accurate and it won’t cause as much of a fuss as the more traditional options available.


Since it appears that 2D and 3D mapping are only going to continue getting more and more popular, the task becomes making sure that you are ready for the change by choosing the right way to get those multi-dimensional maps for yourself.  Drones offer the safest and fastest way for you to get those benefits (and the many others) for your own personal or business’ benefit. Contact Drones of Prey to get more information on how 2D & 3D mapping can help your personal or business needs, or get a free quote here.

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