Benefits of Drones You Might Not Have Thought of

Drones become more and more popular as time goes on, and it’s not just a remote control copter with a camera.  No, these technological devices become more advanced each year, and you’re seeing them adopted into different models of business as a result.  Despite this growth, there are a lot of uses for drones that you probably were not aware of, which is why we’re here to show you that there’s much more to them than you’d think.  Take a look for yourself.



Engineering is a developing field of interest for drones.  These unmanned machines will help offer help in monitoring pipelines, aid in construction planning for creations such as airports, high rise buildings, apartments, land surveying and more.  They’re also great for using their sensors for surveying and other important factors for engineering.  This leaves more manpower for other jobs.


Emergency Services such as Search and Rescue

One of the best applications for drones is in emergency services, and especially in search and rescue.  Where people can’t get safely or easily, drones can zoom in and check out rubble for survivors or injured people, giving exact coordinates, communication and video back and forth to those who are helping to rescue or free them. This enables first responders some insight on what they will be looking at before they get there… and help to keep them safe!


In terms of emergency services, drones are able to get food and water as well as other needs (including medical supplies) to remote areas that are too dangerous to travel to, allowing for better health and survival to those places that need it the most.


Construction or Architecture

In terms of architecture and construction, drones can help with getting a real time feel for the property, making accurate calculations of all of the various aspects, so that the scans it collects can be be put into a computer and the model rendering of a property or building can be accurate down to the last detail.  Drone photos or videography paired with some great production work can create a future scene for what the property would look like and enable marketing material to help sell the property before it’s even being built.  Improved accuracy and fast recording help make this ideal.


Environmental Monitoring

As far as more usage in measurements, environmental monitoring is a quickly growing use and function of drones as well, allowing for accurate readings in all locations where safety, accessibility, or accuracy are difficult.



Whether it’s insurance inspections at car accidents, home inspections after a disaster, or any other kind of inspection where safety or accessibility are an issue, drones can also make these jobs easier, faster and safer for all those who involved.  They are able to record the data in real time as well as record all of the different specs that you’re looking for when it comes to making proper use of this advanced technology in its place of choice.


There are so many not-so-hidden benefits to drones in commercial settings that it’s no wonder these are exploding in popularity in all sorts of different settings in our modern world.  Their collection of industries will only continue to climb as they grow in popularity for all of the right reasons. Contact Drones of Prey for more information or to get a free quote on your next project.

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